The Audi A4 Experience

A virtual reality app that lets you experience what the new Audi A4 actually feels like before it’s even there.

Insight & Idea

The new Audi A4 offers you the most intense and satisfying driving experience. It sets the new standard in both technology and design. But how can you experience the new Audi A4 when you can’t yet see it, hear it, feel it? To introduce the new Audi A4 before the car hit the dealerships we needed to go well beyond a virtual test drive or a technical demo of its features.

Our challenge was to build A4 consideration and support Audi-dealerships in generating prospects before the car was available for a test-drive at the dealer. Audi Netherlands wanted to include innovation with impact in its introduction strategy. An innovation where ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ was combined with the emotional experience of the Audi A4. The perfect opportunity for virtual reality.


We created a storytelling 360 virtual reality app that enables people to discover every single detail and experience the highlights of the new Audi A4.

To experience the power of the new Audi A4’s engine we installed a 3D camera onto a rollercoaster. We created a magical forest with thousands of fireflies to hint at what the Matrix LED headlights will do for you. We dropped you right in the middle of a huge dance festival to convey what Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound does for your senses. The serenity of the Austrian Alps is a perfect example of the abilities of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit: go where you want to go. Given Audi’s own cutting edge credibility we wanted to create something more then just a VR tech demo. We crafted a VR engine that offers breath taking image quality. We created most of the film material from scratch shooting on location. We travelled to Ingolstadt to meet the new Audi A4. With a special 3D camera we shot the complete interior and exterior. Using the latest 360 equipment and topnotch VR technology the app uses a unique combination of 4K video and seamless transition between 2D and 360 storytelling. Using intuitive navigation with motion control we made sure the immersion was spectacular. Time-to-market was less than seven weeks with access to the first actual A4 in the world.


The A4 Experience is an integral part of a refined introduction strategy. Exclusive dealer events, featuring the A4 Experience, were organised before the app was publicly available. Audi branded cardboards were sent to selected prospects to invite them to step into the new Audi A4 at home. Owned channels and media were used for seeding, while leads were followed-up with individual eDM’s, eventually inviting prospects to come to the dealership to actually test-dive and buy their A4. Since the launch of the app, it has been downloaded over 45.000 times in the Netherlands and received high user ratings.

World-wide roll-out

  1. The Audi A4 Experience was an international best practice for Audi: awarded with the Audi International Communication Special Award;
  2. The Audi A4 Experience is rolled out worldwide in more than 20 countries, including special preview events at Car Salon Bruxelles and the International Singapore Autoshow.



When downloaded, change the following setting:
Settings > General > Device Management > VIEMR = Trust.


When installing a pop-up will appear. Please check the “Accept unknown resource” box as stated in the pop-up.

Optimal experience

For the best experience use your headphones and sit down for your own comfort.

Enjoy the Experience!